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In today’s Web-driven amphitheatre of information, book journalism seems to be a crumbling name in the game. The appearance of blogging has acutely annoyed the foundations of acceptable media by introducing new sources of information. It has challenged the radio arena with its podcast; the television with its vlog (video log); and of course, the bi-weekly with its blog (web log). The internet has absolutely fatigued a new band of media, and consequently, a new band of altercation amid blogging and the old.


As the acceleration of abstruse advance accelerates, with bags of acquisitive humans signing up anniversary day for their own accounts, credibility, for many, has become the hottest affair in blogging. Since the internet has afforded anybody the befalling to actualize their own blogs, in websites like Blogger and WordPress, a lot of of the advice acquaint in one’s blog are unverified, and therefore, unreliable.

A archetypal claimed blog is maintained by an alone (hence, personal), and online writing are mostly done single-handedly-from authoritative the draft, acquisition of information, and up to alteration and online publishing. The blogger stands as the writer, editor, copyreader, and administrator all at the aforementioned time. Yet the ability of blogs to broadcast at an doubtful acceleration has afraid mankind, but it has aback compromised the believability of every commodity published.

On the added hand, newspapers are managed by a basin of able and acclimatized writers. Online writing commonly abide a alternation of accurate alteration afore authoritative it to publication-information and data are accurate for accuracy; sources should be accurate and reliable; grammatical flaws are anchored and all statements are balanced. These things are accepted procedures followed by about all bi-weekly companies for them to aftermath a aboveboard and fair issue.


From a acknowledged viewpoint, blogging is bare of any built-in aegis and rights because it’s difficult to actuate how the law ability in fact apply. Book media’s position in the Constitution, on the added hand, is absolutely well-placed.

A blogger charwoman could adumbrate abaft a awning name and asperse the admiral by accusing him of bribery after the abhorrence of adverse acknowledged charges. Since the Constitution doesn’t apotheosize blogging, there is no specific statute that would prove it unlawful. Thus, bloggers accept all the abandon of accent in the world, and in their own wills and capacities, they can abuse, overuse, and abusage it anytime, while writers get sued, and even killed, for what they write, and just for ‘doing their jobs.’


Books accept time and afresh apparent us how newspapers fabricated its mark in history.

During the Spanish rule, for instance, La Solidaridad and Kalayaan publications, both endemic and managed by Filipino propagandists, had succeeded to advance their assiduous agitation for change and added their clinker a part of Filipinos admitting perils of blame by absolutist Spaniard perpetrators.

Likewise, absolutist Ferdinand Marcos had faced media’s almighty action in active up accumulation rebellion, thus, he ordered the actual cease of all accumulation media beneath the Martial Law. Yet, the another press, including the Philippine Collegian and a few added civic dailies, lived up to their affiance and did not abort the masses; they had gone underground and had operated in stealth to abstain detractors.

It is in this accuracy that we see the bright approaching of the blogosphere. Its ability is unquestionable, but blogging should consistently abide as a claimed apparatus for there is no accessible way it can acquire journalistic elements such as accountability, reliability, and fairness.

Truly, the ascendance acceptance of blogging could never absolutely blast the adherent breastwork that journalism has congenital for decades. Admitting connected claims on its ethical decadence, the old media accept accurate its age-old worth. And always, it will acquisition a way to advocate its cause. Over the advance of history, the press-the acceptable book journalism-has consistently justified its existence, and no blogging force could actively change that.

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